Valentina is a true artist at heart. She’s been passionate about colors, paint and graffiti since she can remember. After earning her BFA in Graphic Design at the Ai Miami International University of Art & Design, she worked in the field for a few years, then headed to CICE in Madrid to study Web Design and Development.
In 2014, Valentina worked with renowned interior designer of restaurants, Stephane Dupoux at Dupoux Design, where she was a Senior Graphic Designer. There she developed brand identities for various restaurant concepts. After a year, she found herself seeking more challenges, so she moved into advertising.
After landing at Alma DDB, a leading multicultural agency, Valentina worked primarily on the Sprint account. There she focused on the retail executions of various campaigns. After 3 years in that fast-paced, detail-oriented environment, Valentina made the move to Zimmerman, where she was a highly-valued Art Director on the McDonald’s account. While the initial ask from Creative was to focus on tactical, local retail executions, the work evolved to be bigger creative campaigns, with thinking that extended across media. Currently, Valentina is freelancing as an Art Director, working with well-known agencies and brands, and always looking for new opportunities and challenges for her career.
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